Poppy Merchandise Sold!

All week, last week year six were selling poppy merchandise and most of it was sold! There is still some time to get some poppies, poppy reflectors and some poppy pencils! Thank you to everyone who bought some poppy merchandise! This is for remembrance of the soldiers who fought in war!

House points:

Killer Whales: 214 house points (4th place. What happened?)

Bengal Tigers: 262 house points (2nd place. Well done)

Kodiak Bears: 295 house points (1st place. Yay well done)

Golden eagles: 252 house points (3rd place. Good try.)


Foundation Stage Two: 97.6% (4th place)

Year One: 98.6% (3rd place)

Year Two: 99.3% (1st place with 1 late. Well Done)

Year Three: 96.6% (6th place)

Year Four: 90.3% (7th place. Come On!)

Year Five: 97.5% (5th place)

Year Six: 99.3% (2nd place so close with 3 lates)

The school Average for the week is 97% Bye!

End of Term

Last week, Homelands Primary School had a week of so we were not able to blog but before half term, all of Homelands did an assembly about our British values!

The British values:

Year Three: Tolerance of faith and belief

Year Four: Individual liberty

Year Five: Rule of law

Year Six: Democracy

Today, (Wednesday 2nd November) Year Six will be going around the school selling poppies for twenty pence at lunch times


Friendship bracelets: £1.00

Slap rulers: £1.00DSC00214

Wristbands: £0.50

Reflectors: £0.50

LED torch: £1.00

You can get all of this poppy merchandise for four pounds!


Reception: 98.6% (1st place. Well Done)

Year One: 98.3% (2nd place)

Year Two: 95.3% (6th place with one late)

Year Three: 96.3% (4th place)

Year Four: 88.8% (7th place. Come on)

Year Five: 97% (3rd place)

Year Six: 95.3% (5th place with no lates)

House points:

Killer wales:      ()

Kodiak Bears:    ()

Golden Eagles:     ()

Bengal Tigers:     ()

Well done to all the teams you made a great effort and the winning team                     for getting the house cup!


This week children from Key Stage 2 have been lucky enough to be having workshops from CAP (Child Assault Prevention.) Throughout the workshop, the people, Ami, Mel and Jess showed us a variety of different scenarios and we had to try and make it a better situation. We even practiced our safety yell!

We alsDSCF7085o had a mufti day on Friday 14th October where we had to wear spots and raise lots for a charity, RNIB. This is a charity where they help blind people! We all had to give a one pound donation! In total we raised for RNIB, £173! Thank You for your donations!




Foundation stage 2: 93.3% (Seventh place)

Year 1: 97.6% (fifth place)

Year 2: 98.6%(third place)

Year 3: 99.3%(second place)

Year 4: 97%(sixth place)

Year 5: 98.3%(forth place)

Year 6: 99.6%(first place)

Well done year six for winning the attendance cup (again) this week! The average for this week was 97.6% so it seems nearly everyone achieved it! After Half term, we will update you with more interesting information. We will tell you the results for house points next term!

Salvation Army Visit

‘The Salvation Army’

This week, six Year Six children had the opportunity to go down to ‘The Salvation Army’ in ‘Market Street’. The man from the ‘Salvation Army’ showed us around and the Year Sixes got to label the expiry dates on the food. Also, they showed us where they store all of your food donations on the shelves and the Year Sixes got to pick up one tin of food and place it on the shelves in the right place.

Remember if you gave a donation you are a superhero!

School Council

On Tuesday 11th October, all children year 1 and up went into the ‘Community Room’ (‘Polling Station’) to place a vote for their chosen candidate. They each had to choose a boy and a girl from each class that represented all the Homelands Values. Every candidate was very excited and were very eager to be a school councillor and to represent the school as well as their class as best as they can.

House Points

Kodiak Bears: 297 House Points (1st Place! Well done!)

Killer Whales: 192 House Points (3rd Place, try harder next time!)

Golden Eagles: 212 House Points (2nd place, good try!)

Bengal Tigers: 191 House Points (4th place! Come on!)

Attendance IMG_0810 (21)

Foundation Stage Two: 96.6% (5th with two lates)

Year One: 97% (3rd)

Year Two: 97.6% (2nd)

Year Three: 96.6% (joint 4th)

Year Four: 92.9% (6th)

Year Five: 92.6% (7th)

Year Six: 98% (1st)

Average: 95.9% (5th)

Harvest Week!

This week was Harvest Week! We had lots of donations of tinned and packet food.  Thank you to all of you who brought something in. On Monday 3rd October, in assembly the children had a visitor come in from the Salvation Army and he talked about sharing and being a food super hero!

We are also having a School Council election.  So on Monday all the candidates gave their speech’s to the rest of the class! Good luck to all candidates!. There will more information next week!

On Friday, in the assembly the house points were revealed. In forth place with 240 points were the Killer Whales, in third place were the Golden Eagles with 313 points, in second place with 381 were the Kodiak Bears and in first place, with a six points difference, were the Bengal Tigers with 387! Congratulations! Come on Killer Whales and Golden Eagles you can do it!

We also have the attendance scores:

1st place, Reception (F2) with 99.3%

2nd place, Year 2 with 98.6%

3rd place, Year 5 with 96.6%

4th place, Year 6 with 96.3%

5th place, Year 1 with 96%

6th place, Year 3 with 92.3%

and finally, Year 4 with 88.1%

We will be back with more information next week!



House points quiz!

On Thursday 22nd September, a house points quiz was held in the hall. The quiz was about England and was quite challenging for some people. Mrs Taylor was the organizer of the quiz and each and every house team enjoyed it. Bengal Tigers the were the very lucky winners of this quiz.  Well done!

The house point winners for last week were the Bengal Tigers, with a score of 212, in second place were the Kodiak Bears with a score of 190, in 3rd place were the Golden Eagles with a score of 153.  The Killer Whales were unfortunately in last place with a score of 142!

Congratulations to all of the teams for trying hard to get points!!!


Welcome Back!

On Wednesday 14th September Homelands Primary School had a visitor from the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.) She came to talk to us in an assembly about abuse, bullying and what’s right and wrong! She came to visit each year group individually too!

We also have two new teachers, Mr Hobson joined year 3 and Miss Silcock joined year 5!

Children from year 3 have said that they think Mr Hobson is nice and they have enjoyed their time with him!

Children from year 5 have commented that they think Mrs Silcock is fun and they are having a lovely time with her!