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It’s Nearly Summer!

This week the sun has been shining bright so remember to bring sun cream and a hat to protect your eyes and skin. If you would like, you could bring up a drinks bottle onto the field so you don’t get too hot! It will also keep you from having to come down from the field too much. This week is also art week where each class will focus on a different country because this focus is all around the world!

Art Week Focuses:

Foundation Stage Two: Africa – Elephants

Year One: Africa – African masks

Year Two:

Year Three: Northwest Pacific – Dream Catchers

Year Four:

Year Five:

Year Six: Native American – Totem Poles


House points:

This week was quite a disastrous week as none of the house groups achieved over 100 house points.

Killer Whales: 99 house points (1st place, So close but not quite!)

Bengal Tigers: 85 house points (2nd place, Well done!)

Kodiak Bears: 69 house points (Joint 3rd place, What happened?)

Golden Eagles: 69 house points (Joint 3rd place, Oh no!)

Well done Killer Whales for winning but the Golden Eagles really need to step up because they


Foundation Stage Two: 96.6% (Joint 3rd place with no lates)

Year One: 96.6% (Joint 3rd place with no lates)

Year Two: 91.3% (6th place)

Year Three: 92% (5th place)

Year Four: 98.5% (2nd place, so close but you still haven’t won this year!)

Year Five: 93.3% (4th place)

Year Six: 98.6% (1st place, well done!)

This weeks average was 95.2% meaning only 4 classes got over the average! Hope you had a great week and see you next time bye!






As you know, last week Year Six had an exciting but stressful week because it was SATs. Although they had some difficult tests they had a relaxing afternoon where they could: go on the field, do arts and crafts or cook some delicious cupcakes! On the Friday afternoon, Year Six went to Cary Park as a reward for their hard work and dedication all the way through the week. Even though it was SATs, there was still an assembly with house points and attendance so here they are!

House points:

Golden Eagles: 110 house points (Joint 3rd place, what happened?)

Kodiak Bears: 148 house points (1st place, well done Bears!)

Bengal Tigers: 128 house points (2nd place, nicely done!)

Killer Whales: 110 house points (Joint 3rd place, oh no!)


Foundation Stage Two: 95.6% (3rd place with 0 lates, your getting there!)

Year One: 98% (1st Place, good job guys!)

Year Two:  92% (7th place, what happened?)

Year Three: 95.5% (5th place)

Year Four: 94.8% (6th place)

Year Five: 95.6% (4th place with 1 late)

Year Six: 97.6% (2nd place, during SATs week!)

The average for this week was 95.5% meaning only 5 classes got over our target. We hope you had a good week and goodbye!


Today (Wednesday 3rd May), there are going to be auditions for the Year Six play. We don’t want you to worry just try your best and no matter what part you get remember its your end of term play so have fun! The auditions will carry on to next week which for the Year Sixes is also SATs week!

Here is a timetable for their days during SATs:

Monday: Reading test

Tuesday: Grammar and Spelling

Wednesday: Arithmetic and Word Problems

Thursday: Second Word Problem paper

Friday: Fun Day out

House Points:

Golden Eagles: 212 house points (4th place, What happened?)

Kodiak Bears: 241 house points (1st place, Well done!)

Killer Whales: 235 house points (2nd place)

Bengal Tigers: 220 house points (3rd place)


Foundation Stage Two: 93.1% (6th place)

Year One: 98.6% (1st place, Good job!)

Year Two: 94% (5th place)

Year Three: 96.5% (3rd place)

Year Four: 95.5% (4th place)

Year Five: 98% (2nd place)

Year Six: 92% (7th place, Come on what happened)

The average for this week was 95.3%  four classes got over this weeks average well done

Hope you all had a great week and we’ll see you next time. Bye!

Autism Awareness Week

This week is Autism Awareness Week so all of Homelands Primary School is focusing on what its like to have autism! A pupil in Year Six has autism and was able to talk to us about it! Here are some questions we asked:


  1. Does it feel different being autistic?    “Yes it’s quite different having autism because it makes you feel different to everyone else because it make it harder to make friends because you find it hard to be social.”
  2. Does autism effect how you behave?  “Yes it makes it so I get angry about things others don’t get angry about.”
  3. Did you get affected when you’re younger?  ” Yes but not as badly because it made it easier to do work and make friends.”

House Points:

Killer Whales: 98 house points (3rd place)

Kodiak Bears: 99 house points (2nd place)

Bengal Tigers: 92 house points (4th place, What happened Tigers?)

Golden Eagles: 106 house points (1st place, Well done!)


Foundation Stage Two: 96.3% (3rd place)

Year One: 87% (7th place, what happened?)

Year Two: 88.3% (6th place)

Year Three: 97.9% (1st place, Well done!)

Year Four: 92.9% (5th place)

Year Five: 94.6% (4th place)

Year Six: 97.3% (2nd place, So close!)

Hope you had a great week, bye!

Blogging Assembly!

On Monday 6th March 2017, all the Bloggers held an assembly to tell all of the school about the blog and asked them for their incredible ideas and suggestions! In the ICT suite, from next week, there will be a blog box so all the children can put their ideas, as long as they  are sensible and are appropriate to write about. In the assembly, we had a lot of wonderful suggestions so we may write about them soon! Here are some suggestions from each classes:

Year One: They have tadpoles that they want us to write about and interesting science!

Year Two: The Wonder Wall winner and Star of the Week could go on, photographs of them doing work about what they are learning about, photos of school residentials (school trips), photos of visitors, photos of examples of the keys to independence like us communicating and working together and playing!

Year Three: They have a king and queen in each class that they would like us to write about!

Year Four: Put on the blog things that the school council are doing!

Year Five: Put on important events that have happened like: School trips and mufti days!

Year Six: Put the blog in chronological order (the order that things happened in)!

There was also a netball match on Tuesday 7th March where we unfortunately lost 8-7 nil to Torre School. All the netballers had a great time and still had a lot of fun even after their unlucky loss. Well done Homelands Netball Team!


Foundation Stage Two: 90.3% (6th place)

Year One: 98% (3rd place)

Year Two: 93.3% (5th place)

Year Three: 98.6% (2nd place with three lates if only there was one less!)

Year Four: 95.1% (4th place)

Year Five: 86% (7th place, what happened?)

Year Six: 98.6% (1st place with two lates, well done!)

Well done to Year Six for winning the attendance cup! it was so close, if only there was one less late in Year Three!

House Points:

Bengal Tigers: 144 house points (1st place, Well done!)

Kodiak Bears: 95 house points (4th place, What happened to the winning streak Bears, come on!)

Golden Eagles: 101 house points (3rd place)

Killer Whales: 106 house points (2nd place, oh no, the winning streak is over!)

Well done to the Bengal Tigers for winning the House Cup! What has happened Bears, where has the winning streak that you had gone? Unfortunately, the new winning streak that the Whales had is now over too!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog today, make sure to come back next week where we will be writing about the schools amazing suggestions and ideas!

A Rainy Week

This week, the football club was unfortunately cancelled due to the wet weather! Netball club also had to be held inside and because they can’t play netball inside they played Bench-ball.  Even though net-ballers weren’t able to play netball they still had a really fun time playing Bench-ball. At playtime and lunchtime, every child in the school has to wear a coat outside other wise they will have to be sent back in.

House Points: 

Killer Whales: 212 House Points (1st place. Could this be the start of a winning streak)

Kodiak Bears: 203 House Points (2nd place. So close)

Golden Eagles: 178 House Points (4th place. Better luck next time)

Bengal Tigers: 186 House Points (3rd place. What is happening)

Well done to Killer Whales for winning the House Cup.


Foundation Stage Two: 89.3% ( 7th place)

Year One: 96.3% (3rd place)

Year Two: 93.6% (5th place)

Year Three: 96.6% (2nd place)

Year Four: 92.2% (6th place)

Year Five: 94.3% (4th place)

Year Six: 97.6% (1st place)

Well done to Year Six for winning the attendance cup and we will update you on more next week! Hope you have a nice day and have fun. Remember to wear a coat in the rainy weather and stay healthy so that your class might have a chance at winning the attendance cup next week. Goodbye.

Netball Match

Yesterday, some firemen came in for Years Five and Two there was an NSPCC meeting for parents but unfortunately only five parents arrived. Today (Wednesday 25th January 2017) , some Year Six netballers and Year Five netballers are going to compete in a netball match. It’s going to be played at home (The school) and parents are allowed to come and watch.

House Points:

Killer Whales: 180 House points ( 2nd place. Better Luck Next Time.)

Kodiak Bears: 215 House Points (1st place. Congratulations, Well Done.)

Bengal Tigers: 160 House Points ( 4th place. Come on.)

Golden Eagles: 163 House Points (3rd place. Maybe Next Time.)


Foundation Stage Two: 95.3% (7th Place)

Year One: 98.6% (2nd Place, Maybe Next Time)

Year Two: 95.6% (5th Place with two lates)

Year Three: 100% (1st place. Well Done)

Year Four: 95.5% (6th place)

Year Five: 95.6% (4th place)

Year Six: 96.6% (3rd place)

The School average for this week was 96.7% meaning only two classes got over the target and well Done to Year Three for having 100% attendance and winning the attendance cup. Also, well done to the Kodiak Bears for winning the house cup and getting 215 house points. We all hope you all have an amazing week and we will update you on more next week. Goodbye!

Interesting P.E Lessons

This week, in P.E, Year Six played an interesting game called ‘Crab Football’. This game requires you to move around on your hands and feet and your bottom isn’t allowed to touch the floor. Year Six had a lot of fun playing this game and would love to play it again.

House points:

Bengal Tigers: 221 House Points (3rd place)

Kodiak Bears: 258 House Points (2nd place. So close, just 1 point away)

Killer Whales: 259 House Points (1st place. Well done)

Golden Eagles: 216 House Points (4th place. What happened?)


Foundation Stage Two: 97% (4th place. 2 late)

Year One: 97% (2nd place. 0 late)

Year Two: 93.6% (7th place. what happened)

Year Three: 97% (3rd place. 1 late)

Year Four: 94.4% (6th place)

Year Five: 98.6% (1st place. Well done)

Year Six: 96% (5th place)

The school average for this week was 96.2% meaning only 4 classes got over average!

That is it for this week! We will update you more next week. Goodbye!


Year 3 Kent’s Cavern Trip!

On Tuesday 29th November Year 3 were lucky enough to go to Kent’s Cavern. They had lots of fun and had an enjoyable time there! On Friday 25th November we all dressed up in colourful clothes and brought in drinks and presents for the school fayre which is on Thursday 1st December (Tomorrow!)

House points:

Killer Whales: 313 house points (4th place. Better Luck next time!)

Golden Eagles: 320 house points (3rd place. Come on.)

Kodiak Bears: 331 house points (1st place. Again well done. Will they be able to win again next week?)

Bengal Tigers: 327 house points (2nd place. So close!)


Foundation Stage 2: 83% (7th place. What happened?)

Year One: 94.3% (4th place.)

Year Two: 95.6%  (3rd place.)

Year Three: 97% (2nd place. So close)

Year Four: 94% (5th place.)

Year Five: 97.6% (1st place. Well Done)

Year Six: 92.3% (6th place)

Average: 93.4%

Well done to year five for winning!

Once again thank you for all your donations for the Christmas fayre! Bye!

Anti-Bullying and 2 Minute Silence!

2 Minute Silence:

Last week, on Friday 11th November, everyone in the school did a 2 minute silence in the playground to remember all of the soldiers that died in the WWI and WWII!


On Monday 14th November, we had an Anti-Bullying assembly. We got told that there are 3 stages of bullying, the 1st one is being mean. The 2nd stage is being rude and the 3rd stage is bullying! If you continuously show unkind behaviour towards someone it is classed as bullying!

House points:

Bengal Tigers: 354 house points (2nd place)

Golden Eagles: 251 house points (3rd place)

Killer Whales: 228 house points (4th place. Come on, What happened?)

Kodiak Bears: 410 house points (1st place)