It’s Nearly Summer!

This week the sun has been shining bright so remember to bring sun cream and a hat to protect your eyes and skin. If you would like, you could bring up a drinks bottle onto the field so you don’t get too hot! It will also keep you from having to come down from the field too much. This week is also art week where each class will focus on a different country because this focus is all around the world!

Art Week Focuses:

Foundation Stage Two: Africa – Elephants

Year One: Africa – African masks

Year Two:

Year Three: Northwest Pacific – Dream Catchers

Year Four:

Year Five:

Year Six: Native American – Totem Poles


House points:

This week was quite a disastrous week as none of the house groups achieved over 100 house points.

Killer Whales: 99 house points (1st place, So close but not quite!)

Bengal Tigers: 85 house points (2nd place, Well done!)

Kodiak Bears: 69 house points (Joint 3rd place, What happened?)

Golden Eagles: 69 house points (Joint 3rd place, Oh no!)

Well done Killer Whales for winning but the Golden Eagles really need to step up because they


Foundation Stage Two: 96.6% (Joint 3rd place with no lates)

Year One: 96.6% (Joint 3rd place with no lates)

Year Two: 91.3% (6th place)

Year Three: 92% (5th place)

Year Four: 98.5% (2nd place, so close but you still haven’t won this year!)

Year Five: 93.3% (4th place)

Year Six: 98.6% (1st place, well done!)

This weeks average was 95.2% meaning only 4 classes got over the average! Hope you had a great week and see you next time bye!





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