As you know, last week Year Six had an exciting but stressful week because it was SATs. Although they had some difficult tests they had a relaxing afternoon where they could: go on the field, do arts and crafts or cook some delicious cupcakes! On the Friday afternoon, Year Six went to Cary Park as a reward for their hard work and dedication all the way through the week. Even though it was SATs, there was still an assembly with house points and attendance so here they are!

House points:

Golden Eagles: 110 house points (Joint 3rd place, what happened?)

Kodiak Bears: 148 house points (1st place, well done Bears!)

Bengal Tigers: 128 house points (2nd place, nicely done!)

Killer Whales: 110 house points (Joint 3rd place, oh no!)


Foundation Stage Two: 95.6% (3rd place with 0 lates, your getting there!)

Year One: 98% (1st Place, good job guys!)

Year Two:  92% (7th place, what happened?)

Year Three: 95.5% (5th place)

Year Four: 94.8% (6th place)

Year Five: 95.6% (4th place with 1 late)

Year Six: 97.6% (2nd place, during SATs week!)

The average for this week was 95.5% meaning only 5 classes got over our target. We hope you had a good week and goodbye!

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