Monthly Archives: April 2017

Autism Awareness Week

This week is Autism Awareness Week so all of Homelands Primary School is focusing on what its like to have autism! A pupil in Year Six has autism and was able to talk to us about it! Here are some questions we asked:


  1. Does it feel different being autistic?    “Yes it’s quite different having autism because it makes you feel different to everyone else because it make it harder to make friends because you find it hard to be social.”
  2. Does autism effect how you behave?  “Yes it makes it so I get angry about things others don’t get angry about.”
  3. Did you get affected when you’re younger?  ” Yes but not as badly because it made it easier to do work and make friends.”

House Points:

Killer Whales: 98 house points (3rd place)

Kodiak Bears: 99 house points (2nd place)

Bengal Tigers: 92 house points (4th place, What happened Tigers?)

Golden Eagles: 106 house points (1st place, Well done!)


Foundation Stage Two: 96.3% (3rd place)

Year One: 87% (7th place, what happened?)

Year Two: 88.3% (6th place)

Year Three: 97.9% (1st place, Well done!)

Year Four: 92.9% (5th place)

Year Five: 94.6% (4th place)

Year Six: 97.3% (2nd place, So close!)

Hope you had a great week, bye!