Blogging Assembly!

On Monday 6th March 2017, all the Bloggers held an assembly to tell all of the school about the blog and asked them for their incredible ideas and suggestions! In the ICT suite, from next week, there will be a blog box so all the children can put their ideas, as long as they  are sensible and are appropriate to write about. In the assembly, we had a lot of wonderful suggestions so we may write about them soon! Here are some suggestions from each classes:

Year One: They have tadpoles that they want us to write about and interesting science!

Year Two: The Wonder Wall winner and Star of the Week could go on, photographs of them doing work about what they are learning about, photos of school residentials (school trips), photos of visitors, photos of examples of the keys to independence like us communicating and working together and playing!

Year Three: They have a king and queen in each class that they would like us to write about!

Year Four: Put on the blog things that the school council are doing!

Year Five: Put on important events that have happened like: School trips and mufti days!

Year Six: Put the blog in chronological order (the order that things happened in)!

There was also a netball match on Tuesday 7th March where we unfortunately lost 8-7 nil to Torre School. All the netballers had a great time and still had a lot of fun even after their unlucky loss. Well done Homelands Netball Team!


Foundation Stage Two: 90.3% (6th place)

Year One: 98% (3rd place)

Year Two: 93.3% (5th place)

Year Three: 98.6% (2nd place with three lates if only there was one less!)

Year Four: 95.1% (4th place)

Year Five: 86% (7th place, what happened?)

Year Six: 98.6% (1st place with two lates, well done!)

Well done to Year Six for winning the attendance cup! it was so close, if only there was one less late in Year Three!

House Points:

Bengal Tigers: 144 house points (1st place, Well done!)

Kodiak Bears: 95 house points (4th place, What happened to the winning streak Bears, come on!)

Golden Eagles: 101 house points (3rd place)

Killer Whales: 106 house points (2nd place, oh no, the winning streak is over!)

Well done to the Bengal Tigers for winning the House Cup! What has happened Bears, where has the winning streak that you had gone? Unfortunately, the new winning streak that the Whales had is now over too!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog today, make sure to come back next week where we will be writing about the schools amazing suggestions and ideas!

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