Monthly Archives: February 2017

A Rainy Week

This week, the football club was unfortunately cancelled due to the wet weather! Netball club also had to be held inside and because they can’t play netball inside they played Bench-ball. ¬†Even though net-ballers weren’t able to play netball they still had a really fun time playing Bench-ball. At playtime and lunchtime, every child in the school has to wear a coat outside other wise they will have to be sent back in.

House Points: 

Killer Whales: 212 House Points (1st place. Could this be the start of a winning streak)

Kodiak Bears: 203 House Points (2nd place. So close)

Golden Eagles: 178 House Points (4th place. Better luck next time)

Bengal Tigers: 186 House Points (3rd place. What is happening)

Well done to Killer Whales for winning the House Cup.


Foundation Stage Two: 89.3% ( 7th place)

Year One: 96.3% (3rd place)

Year Two: 93.6% (5th place)

Year Three: 96.6% (2nd place)

Year Four: 92.2% (6th place)

Year Five: 94.3% (4th place)

Year Six: 97.6% (1st place)

Well done to Year Six for winning the attendance cup and we will update you on more next week! Hope you have a nice day and have fun. Remember to wear a coat in the rainy weather and stay healthy so that your class might have a chance at winning the attendance cup next week. Goodbye.