Netball Match

Yesterday, some firemen came in for Years Five and Two there was an NSPCC meeting for parents but unfortunately only five parents arrived. Today (Wednesday 25th January 2017) , some Year Six netballers and Year Five netballers are going to compete in a netball match. It’s going to be played at home (The school) and parents are allowed to come and watch.

House Points:

Killer Whales: 180 House points ( 2nd place. Better Luck Next Time.)

Kodiak Bears: 215 House Points (1st place. Congratulations, Well Done.)

Bengal Tigers: 160 House Points ( 4th place. Come on.)

Golden Eagles: 163 House Points (3rd place. Maybe Next Time.)


Foundation Stage Two: 95.3% (7th Place)

Year One: 98.6% (2nd Place, Maybe Next Time)

Year Two: 95.6% (5th Place with two lates)

Year Three: 100% (1st place. Well Done)

Year Four: 95.5% (6th place)

Year Five: 95.6% (4th place)

Year Six: 96.6% (3rd place)

The School average for this week was 96.7% meaning only two classes got over the target and well Done to Year Three for having 100% attendance and winning the attendance cup. Also, well done to the Kodiak Bears for winning the house cup and getting 215 house points. We all hope you all have an amazing week and we will update you on more next week. Goodbye!

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