Year 3 Kent’s Cavern Trip!

On Tuesday 29th November Year 3 were lucky enough to go to Kent’s Cavern. They had lots of fun and had an enjoyable time there! On Friday 25th November we all dressed up in colourful clothes and brought in drinks and presents for the school fayre which is on Thursday 1st December (Tomorrow!)

House points:

Killer Whales: 313 house points (4th place. Better Luck next time!)

Golden Eagles: 320 house points (3rd place. Come on.)

Kodiak Bears: 331 house points (1st place. Again well done. Will they be able to win again next week?)

Bengal Tigers: 327 house points (2nd place. So close!)


Foundation Stage 2: 83% (7th place. What happened?)

Year One: 94.3% (4th place.)

Year Two: 95.6%  (3rd place.)

Year Three: 97% (2nd place. So close)

Year Four: 94% (5th place.)

Year Five: 97.6% (1st place. Well Done)

Year Six: 92.3% (6th place)

Average: 93.4%

Well done to year five for winning!

Once again thank you for all your donations for the Christmas fayre! Bye!

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