Anti-Bullying and 2 Minute Silence!

2 Minute Silence:

Last week, on Friday 11th November, everyone in the school did a 2 minute silence in the playground to remember all of the soldiers that died in the WWI and WWII!


On Monday 14th November, we had an Anti-Bullying assembly. We got told that there are 3 stages of bullying, the 1st one is being mean. The 2nd stage is being rude and the 3rd stage is bullying! If you continuously show unkind behaviour towards someone it is classed as bullying!

House points:

Bengal Tigers: 354 house points (2nd place)

Golden Eagles: 251 house points (3rd place)

Killer Whales: 228 house points (4th place. Come on, What happened?)

Kodiak Bears: 410 house points (1st place)


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