Harvest Week!

This week was Harvest Week! We had lots of donations of tinned and packet food.  Thank you to all of you who brought something in. On Monday 3rd October, in assembly the children had a visitor come in from the Salvation Army and he talked about sharing and being a food super hero!

We are also having a School Council election.  So on Monday all the candidates gave their speech’s to the rest of the class! Good luck to all candidates!. There will more information next week!

On Friday, in the assembly the house points were revealed. In forth place with 240 points were the Killer Whales, in third place were the Golden Eagles with 313 points, in second place with 381 were the Kodiak Bears and in first place, with a six points difference, were the Bengal Tigers with 387! Congratulations! Come on Killer Whales and Golden Eagles you can do it!

We also have the attendance scores:

1st place, Reception (F2) with 99.3%

2nd place, Year 2 with 98.6%

3rd place, Year 5 with 96.6%

4th place, Year 6 with 96.3%

5th place, Year 1 with 96%

6th place, Year 3 with 92.3%

and finally, Year 4 with 88.1%

We will be back with more information next week!



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