Monthly Archives: September 2016

House points quiz!

On Thursday 22nd September, a house points quiz was held in the hall. The quiz was about England and was quite challenging for some people. Mrs Taylor was the organizer of the quiz and each and every house team enjoyed it. Bengal Tigers the were the very lucky winners of this quiz.  Well done!

The house point winners for last week were the Bengal Tigers, with a score of 212, in second place were the Kodiak Bears with a score of 190, in 3rd place were the Golden Eagles with a score of 153.  The Killer Whales were unfortunately in last place with a score of 142!

Congratulations to all of the teams for trying hard to get points!!!


Welcome Back!

On Wednesday 14th September Homelands Primary School had a visitor from the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.) She came to talk to us in an assembly about abuse, bullying and what’s right and wrong! She came to visit each year group individually too!

We also have two new teachers, Mr Hobson joined year 3 and Miss Silcock joined year 5!

Children from year 3 have said that they think Mr Hobson is nice and they have enjoyed their time with him!

Children from year 5 have commented that they think Mrs Silcock is fun and they are having a lovely time with her!